“Community UCC is an inclusive and progressive Christian church doing social justice, environmental faithfulness, interfaith collaboration and spiritual formation to help ourselves and others grow in faith, hope and love.

We are a progressive church.  Our denomination, United Church of Christ, has an impressive history of “firsts”: first denomination to ordain an African American pastor, first to ordain a woman pastor and first to ordain an openly gay pastor (and we are proud that our founding pastor, the Rev. Henry Hayden, performed this ordination).

We are an Open and Affirming (ONA) congregation, welcoming persons of all sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions fully into the life and ministry of our church.

We are a service-oriented church.  We believe in actively living God’s mission within the community and helping those in need.  We are an inclusive and progressive, Just Peace community engaged in acts of social justice, environmental faithfulness, interfaith collaboration and spiritual formation.

We are environmentally responsible.  We understand that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of God’s creation and our precious resources.  Community UCC was the first church in Fresno to install solar panels.  Our grounds are xeriscaped using drought-tolerant plants, rocks and drip irrigation.


Interim Minister: Pastor Ara Guekguezian

Pastor Ara Guekguezian

Pastor Ara Guekguezian started as our interim pastor on Sept. 4, 2018. He has served as a pastor for over 34 years, most recently as interim pastor/head of staff at First Congregational Church. Prior to Big Red, he was pastor/head of staff at Pilgrim Armenian Congregational Church in Fresno, CA. He also serves part-time as the chaplain for Bright Horizon Hospice. He serves on the board of directors of the Armenian Missionary Association of America, the mission arm of the Armenian Evangelical Union of (mostly UCC) congregations of the Americas. Email: pastor@communityucc.com

Commissioned Minister of Christian Education: Robin Carlson

Robin CarlsonRobin is a creative spirit who loves to grow. She has a passion for learning and helping others on their spiritual journey. Robin can be found behind the scenes at most Church events making things happen and giving others credit. If you had to describe her in one word it would be “Centered.” As a mother of three boys, she understands how to teach our youth and youngest members. Email: faithgrowth@communityucc.com

Music/Choir Director: E.J. Hinojosa

E.J. HinojosaE.J. believes that music is for everyone and that the universe is a masterpiece of cosmic symphony. Currently a Music Education major at Fresno Pacific University, EJ enjoys the study of music as much as he enjoys the practice of it. He is an aspiring composer and enjoys writing music for himself and for Community UCC, where he feels self-expression is encouraged and appreciated. Recently married to the love of his life, EJ enjoys cooking and watching documentaries that make him feel weird and existential. Email: ejhinojosa@hotmail.com

Administrative Assistant: Marilyn Wall

Marilyn WallMarilyn knows all things CUCC.  She has been with the Church for over 25 years and prides herself as our resident historian and chief of the office.  She will disarm anyone with a warm smile and a kind word of encouragement. Marilyn likes to read anything interesting and loves the CUCC family. Email: office@communityucc.com

Church Governance:

At CUCC’s Annual Congregational Meeting, new congregational members were added to the several of our leadership committees.  We want to thank everyone who stepped up to help lead our church and to our incumbents that have volunteered many hours of service. And there are still open opportunities who others with a desire to share their talents and time.


  • Moderator — Ann Scott 
  • Vice Moderator – Felicia Rocha 
  • Treasurer – Carol Kilburn
  • Council Members at Large – Vicky WallSteve Reynolds

 CHURCH BYLAWS: Last updated in Bylaws – June 2018

In addition to our staff, the business of our church is conducted by officers (listed above), who are elected at the annual meeting (usually held in June), the Council, and several teams, listed below. The teams offer ways for members to contribute according to their interests and skills.

WORSHIP TEAM — This team shall plan and implement the worship life of the Congregation, in close consultation with the Pastor(s) and Music Director.

EXTRAVAGANT WELCOME TEAM —  This team shall focus on the invitation, reception, and nurturing of the members of this Church.

FACILITIES AND GROUNDS — This team’s primary focus is the oversight and management of Community United Church of Christ’s buildings and grounds.

FINANCE TEAM — This team’s primary focus is the oversight and management of budget development, stewardship, and fundraising.

FAITH EDUCATION TEAM — This team’s primary focus is to provide educational programs for all ages., youth ministries, and assist in confirmation education.

FELLOWSHIP TEAM — Nurtures relationships and builds a sense of community by providing recreational and social occasions for Church members and friends.

PASTORAL RELATIONS TEAM — This team’s primary focus is to serve as a support group for the pastors and their families. Also, facilitate communication between the pastors and the congregation to ensure positive and healthy relationships.

MISSIONS AND SOCIAL JUSTICE TEAM — This team shall provide information and education on social justice issues and the mission/ service needs of the human community.

CHARITABLE GIFTS AND ENDOWMENT FUNDS TEAM —  This team shall be the Gifts custodian of the Charitable Gifts and Endowments Funds of CUCC. Also, shall act as the financial investment agent of the Church.

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