What Shall we Bring? — A Stewardship Thought about our Buildings and Grounds

Every week, 77 pre-school children can be found learning and playing in our church’s classrooms and playground. In 2007 solar panels were placed on our church roof.  In 2014, our grass lawns along Fresno and Browning Avenues were replaced with water-saving xeriscape landscaping. What do these things have in common?

Our partnership with Headstart allows us to share our classrooms during the week with children from our community who benefit from early childhood education. Our solar panels help the church reduce its energy footprint on the Earth.  The xeriscaping of our lawn has decreased our use of precious water through the hot summer months.

These are some examples of how Community UCC has intentionally made a commitment to reduce our use of Earth’s scarce resources and to share what we have with others.  Community UCC answers the question of “What Shall We Bring to our Community and to the Earth?” with thoughtful and effective actions.

Even with these actions, however, there still are costs that remain to be paid. It takes $5,600 per month for our church to pay for operations, buildings and grounds expenses, even with cost savings and contributions from EOC (Headstart) that help with the water, power, sanitation, custodial, and other charges that we must spend to maintain our church. (This amount does not include personnel or program costs.)   

As you consider what you shall bring to the church, please consider being part of what we bring to our community and give generously in your financial pledge to the church on Stewardship Sunday, May 19.

Link to last week’s Stewardship article.

Spring church garden work party — April 21

Helping hands are needed to spruce up our Church campus, to spread more mulch on our Church campus. We are planning a work party starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday, April 21, to spread the remaining mulch on the xeriscape.

We should be able to complete the work in 3-4 hours. If you cannot stay that long, we can still use your help for however long you can help that morning.

Bring shovels, iron rakes and wheelbarrows. If you don’t have them we can supply them at church. Gloves, hats and sunscreen are recommended.

Our xeriscape landscaping helps minimize our church’s water usage and creates an environmentally friendly use of landscaping. Thank you for helping out with this very important work.

We will provide pizza for lunch. Hope to see you there!

Garden Work Party

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THANKS to all the helping hands who came out on Saturday, May 27, to help with our Garden work party: Foreman Helmut Kloos, Wade Hobson, Rod Zook, Lisa Boyles, Boone Watkins, Cristi Dillahunty Newport and her son Everette Newport, Ruben M Fernandez, Lee and Virginia Virag and two of our neighbors, Pete and Nikki.