Tubman University builds chairs with gifts from Community UCC

During a Mission Moment earlier this year, Elizabeth Davis-Russell, on behalf of the Mission and Social Justice Team, made an appeal for funds to acquire classroom chairs for Tubman University, which is expanding its enrollment.

The congregation raised $1,030, which was sent to Tubman University. Instead of purchasing ready-made chairs, the university administration used its established Wood Technology program to have chairs made, thus expanding the number of chairs it could acquire. Below are pictures of the work being done, making 50 chairs.

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Update on our Missions giving

Community United Church of Christ actively supports a wide variety of groups. Since our fiscal year began in July, our members have generously given the following to:

  • Break the Barriers: $389.55 plus an additional $50 made directly
  • CUCC Band CD Release: $1,990
  • Neighbors in Need: $545
  • OCWM (Our Church’s Wider Mission): $400, to date (CUCC donates $100.00 each month for a total of $1,200 per fiscal year.)
  • Tubman University: $1,130

On the third Sunday of each month, our church highlights a specific organization and asks members to donate as they are able. Your contributions during these special “Mission Moments,” above and beyond your pledge, allow us to continue supporting these very worthy groups!