Pastoral search — next step

Since Pastor Ara started as our Interim Pastor in September, we are now ready for the next step — selecting a search committee to embark on the process of looking for our next settled pastor.

At Sunday’s mid-year congregational meeting (Jan. 27), a quorum of our congregation approved a slate of members for that committee:

  • Nancy Pressley
  • Amy Kilburn
  • Chad Hayden
  • Linda Baird
  • Vicky Wall
  • Bonita Earl
  • Sean Carlson

The goal is to include a diverse group that represents different aspects of our congregation — longtime and newer members, younger and more mature, and diverse in other ways as well.

The search committee will now begin the process of considering candidates “authorized to circulate a ministerial profile within the United Church of Christ.” Additional information about how the search process works within our congregation can be found in Article X, Sections 3 and 4 of our Church By-Laws.

Our previous moderator Nancy Pressley wrote about the transition process last year, after Pastor Chris announced that he would be leaving to take a call at another congregation:

“Change and transition have always been a part of the life of our church.  Please take a look at the timeline below that has been prepared for the 60th Anniversary Celebration as a way of seeing the transitions that have occurred since our church was formed 60 years ago. In our church’s history, we have had 10 settled pastors and six interim pastors” [now seven with Pastor Ara].

We appreciate the deliberation and prayerful consideration that this search committee will invest into choosing our next pastoral candidate. The process is confidential, and will happen on God’s timeline, not ours.