Advent Devotional: Friday, December 21

Theme: Living Into Joy

Written by Madeleine Guekguezian, Wesley United Methodist Church

John 1:1-8

John opens his gospel in exaltation of the coming of Christ—the living Word that has always been and was a part of God and God them-self. With him comes a life that gives light to all humankind and cannot be overcome by the darkness. Reflect on what this means for the world. More than a good turn or a period of happiness, Christ brings to us the power of God’s love in its totality which both gives and sustains life and light. What else could this be but joy?

The Word becomes flesh, and that singular incarnation is not a scarce resource, a limited commodity that must be purchased and only the worthy can afford. It brings life to all things, unconditionally. Could there be any greater joy? And John, in bearing witness to the truth and life of Christ, gives us a model for living as testament to the joy of a world in which God and the Word are with us. We are not the light, but God calls all of us to reflect it to our neighbors. As we approach the celebration of the birth of Jesus, take time to pray and reflect upon the joy of the season and the gifts that God has given you to testify to the light, to live the joy of God with us.