Canceled: Save the Date! Sweetheart Dinner, silent auction fundraiser planned for Feb. 16

UPDATE: We will reschedule another fundraiser for a different time. If you committed to donating an item for the silent auction, we will be able to use that at the rescheduled event. Stay tuned!

Saturday, Feb. 16

A special event is coming to CUCC in February.  It’s a “Sweetheart Dinner” scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 16 and will be a “Party for Community” type of event, which we’ve not had for a couple of years.

More importantly, this event will be a fundraiser for the church.  We are in need of ongoing fundraising to meet our budget projections and keep our church functioning fully.  

One fundraiser at the event will be a Silent Auction.  In order to have the Auction, we need things to auction off.  While the Finance Team will oversee the gathering of auction items, it is important for everyone in the congregation to participate in donating auction items.

What might the donations be?  Any kind of donation would be valuable. For example, you may be able to donate a specific item such as a bicycle, cake, or perhaps a piece of furniture.  Some may even donate a vacation weekend at a cabin. Others might host a small dinner party you will prepare.

How about those who can do some handyman-type of service at someone’s home? We have lots of crafters in the community who can make things — painters, woodworkers, knitters, and crocheters, needlework enthusiasts….Everyone can get on board to make some money for the church!

Our annual budget specifically plans for $10,000 in fundraising money to be provided this fiscal year.  Let’s all do our best to balance the budget and keep Community UCC active, purposeful and supportive for all of us.