Advent Devotional: Monday, December 17

Theme: Making Room for Hope

Written by Kymberly Lindsey, First Congregational Church of Fresno

Isaiah 52:7-10

I was initially caught off guard, when asked to write a devotional. I had never written such a thing and was put off by my ignorance. But Kim was reassuring and sent me on my way, with 2 days to complete my task. So, I read the passage, “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of the messenger who announces peace…” I was struck by a picture, not of an adult but a baby. How beautiful and untainted are the feet of an infant. Then, I couldn’t think of anything else (it was 3AM).

So, tonight, I decided to just write what came to my mind after I had a bit of sleep. I never allow myself to delve into a project without some semblance of knowledge. I pray that you do not think me a biblical scholar, far from it. My ignorance is vast, yet my willingness to learn and understand is never sated. I therefore did a bit of research. Isaiah lived in a time of political turmoil in Jerusalem, yet was moved and touched by God to minister. This is as important today as it was during his time.


I’ve been cleaning my house, readying it for the holidays and a visit from my mother. I’ve been de-cluttering and dusting and vacuuming (no, I’m not available to hire) and generally just getting my house in order.

In the midst of all this frenetic cleaning, a realization came to mind. I was not only readying my house for my mom and the holidays, I was ridding it of the clutter, the non-essentials (Windows 95 software, really?). In doing so, I was making ready a place for good, for peace, for hope, for the bounty, which is God’s love.

The messenger of peace lives within me. His presence should be given clean shelter. God lives, God reigns! My voice gives rise to this truth. In exultation I give voice to the joy of knowing God lives and gave forth his only begotten for our salvation. I am witness to the glory of God and am awed.


Isaiah 52:7-10 Revisited

Beautiful are the feet of the messenger that trod upon the mountain, speaker of peace, bringer of good news, salvation. The Lord our God doth reign. Be heard o’ multitude of man, nations of every hue; Lift up thy voices; SING in exultation and with joy! For the Lord of all nations grants salvation. See with eyes bared open to this truth… The Lord our Christ, does live!

Prayer: Lord God make me worthy of your glory. Give my voice wings that it may rise above the noise in telling of His coming. Amen