Looking for your gifts!

This Sunday, May 20,  will be a special day for CUCC. It is Confirmation Sunday where the young folks who have completed nine months of classes and participated in service activities will tell their stories during worship.

Following worship, there will be a Team Fair.  There will be tables with representatives from the committees who will tell you about the wonderful service opportunities that are available.

Each of our committees/teams carry out the mission of the church through their fine work.  They provide a way for each of us to share our gifts … our time and talents … in the life of the church for as little or as much time as we can give!

Following is a brief description of some of the work of each committee.  Please take some time to visit the tables and prayerfully consider where you might serve.


  • Participate in worship planning and decorating the worship space
  • Assist in sacraments, such as communion,  and other rites of the church

Elders (Extravagant Welcome Team):

  • Welcome newcomers and greet  church attendees on Sunday mornings
  • Provide orientation to prospective members
  • Reach out to members who are in need of care


  • Raise money for the operation of the church through fundraising events and the annual stewardship drive
  • Prepare the church budget for congregational approval
  • Care for the buildings and grounds of the church

Christian Education:

  • Provide educational programs for all ages
  • Provide youth ministries
  • Assist in confirmation education


  • Arrange fellowship hours following worship
  • Work with other teams in providing social occasions and special seasonal events

Missions and Social Justice:

  • Facilitate congregational involvement of mission and social justice concerns
  • Lead special moment in worship to educate the congregation and request special offerings to support missions  and provide service opportunities

Pastoral Relations:

  • Serve as a support group for the pastors and their families
  • Facilitate communication between the pastors and the congregation to ensure positive and healthy relationships

Charitable Gifts and Endowments:

  • Solicit and accept memorials, donations, endowments and bequests into the funds of the church.
  • Manage the funds within the framework of the church’s tax exempt status

Personnel Team:

  • Ensure that staff are hired and evaluated
  • Hear personnel matters  involving staff at the request of the pastors
  • Mediate conflicts or misunderstandings between the staff and pastors
  • Discharge employees if needed in consultation with the appropriate supervisors