Camp Tamarack 2017 — Hayden Family Shares Their Experience

Camp Tamarack

The Perfect Balance of “Roughing It”

On Labor Day weekend, the Hayden family ventured out of the heat and stifling smog of late summer to the refreshing Camp Tamarack. Although the drive past Shaver Lake took less than an hour, we felt worlds away amidst the fragrant pines and babbling creek that surround the camp.

This was our first time taking our two little princesses to go camping.  And Camp Tamarack proved to be a perfect balance of “roughing it” in the outdoors while having the necessary comforts like warm meals and running water.

Tess and Kate HaydenOur girls (Tess 6 & Kate 3) found it to be a grand adventure!  Mornings were cool enough to huddle around a crackling fire while afternoons offered warm blue skies.  There were so many wonderful memories that we made throughout the weekend. Whether it was making new friends from The Big Red Church, enjoying home-cooked meals by our culinary genius, Jeff, or watching the gaggle or children sticky their fingers with gooey s`mores, family memories were aplenty.

And yet, I think my favorite moment of the weekend was our group devotion on Saturday morning. Jack and Annie Van Patten had a hat full or Bible verses that we chose from.  After picking our slip of paper ,we meandered through the meadow and meditated on the verse.  While any moment away from the cacophony of Disney Jr, YouTube Kids and sibling rivalry is unbridled bliss, this moment to ponder and probe and center in the beauty of God’s workmanship offered a special moment with the Master Craftsman.  We then gathered together to share our thoughts on our verses.

Our discussion was insightful, authentic, uplifting and inspiring.  And perhaps, those are the best words to describe the entirety of our experience at Camp Tamarack.

—-Chad Hayden