CUCC Ad Hoc Fundraising Committee Report

A meeting was held on June 28 to brainstorm ideas for fundraising events and evaluate past and present fundraisers. In attendance were Sue Hipp, Amy Kilburn, Sharon Powers and Ruben Fernandez.

All fundraising events must state a purpose for the money to be raised, such as for operations, fellowship funds, youth group, special music programs, choir, and other needs. Coordination of these events can be shared by trustees and council. Some ideas include:

  • Party for Community: It was recommended not to hold this event in October 2017 because it is too late for planning and no one has been assigned to coordinate it. Other reasons are that the concept may be outdated, too much coordination with sponsoring baskets and events (theme dinners, parties, tours, etc.).
  • New ideas to replace Party for Community
    1. Dinner or Dinner Dance with theme or at time of a season such as Christmas, in January, Valentine’s Day
    2. Celebratory Theme like honoring church pioneers, Volunteer of the Year, CUCC milestone anniversaries (60 years coming up).
    3. Must have a silent auction
    4. Raffle
    5. Location: Hayden Hall
    6. Use of alcohol: Sales Permit to raise money
    7. Must have major sponsors
    8. Invite community and inter-faith partners
  • Brainstorming Ideas for New Events
    1. Community Supper (or Lunch) Club: This concept would center on a group (such as members of council, trustees, and others) coordinating a dinner or lunch every month at a restaurant where all participants pay a fee of $25 (or more) to attend. This fee would not include meal but instead go toward a particular need of the church such as operations, maintenance, or capital projects. There would be no agenda except to enhance church or community member relationships. Members of this Club would rotate turns to coordinate and choose a restaurant and announce. E-News, Website, Facebook and other social media would be used for announcements and updates.
    2. Fellowship Restaurant Fundraisers: Find a restaurant that will donate a part of the proceeds from meals purchased with coupon or flyer (like the “Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant”). Other events that Fellowship used to do were potlucks, Moms & Muffins, Father’s Day Root Beer, and sell food.
    3. Farmer’s Market (or Makers and Growers Market):  This would require a lot of planning, seeking information about the competition, recruiting vendors, and getting “state certified.”
    4. Bingo Night: There are vendors who run this event and church would get a part of proceeds.
    5. Raffles, Raffles, Raffles: It has been recommended that raffles of small and large prizes be conducted continuously throughout the year and at every event (even after church). There would be a need to coordinate major prizes such as Disneyland, Monterey Aquarium, professional sporting events (local and major league), and other such events. Also, small prizes are important such as wines, dinners, antiques, etc.
    6. Yard Sales and Boutiques: It has been recommended that these events be planned throughout the year with much earlier notice and publicity. An annual calendar has been advised.
    7. Sales, Sales, Sales: It has been recommended that various types of sales campaigns be conducted throughout the year. These include but not limited to candy sales, coupon booklets, “daffodil bulbs,” seasonal items, Peace Garden Bricks, and other types of sales.
    8. Other ideas include: “Trick or Trunk Halloween at CUCC Parking Lot,” Granville’s Home for Hope, International Dinners, and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Caramel Apple Sale.