Council would like input on worship time

Council is seeking input from the congregation on the possibility of changing our Sunday worship time from 10:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Possible pros:

  • Easier time for visitors to remember
  • More time for fellowship
  • Meetings could happen before or after worship

Possible cons:

  • Church signs have to be changed
  • Some people need extra time to get to church

We want your input. Please fill out a yellow comment card and leave it in the red comment box in the Narthex. The survey of our congregation will continue through the month of August before any decision is reached.

2 thoughts on “Council would like input on worship time

  1. I think it would would be a very good idea to change it to 10:00 AM for the reasons listed above. And It would also be easier to schedule personal events after church since you would get out a bit earlier . . . Terry Cole


    1. Thanks for the feedback, Terry. Please be sure to pass along your input on the comment card too, so Council has all the feedback in one place when they go to tally the reactions.


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